Biography of Te Money

Born in Los Angeles, CA, Te Money isn't new to the music industry. In the midst of a devastating tragedy, the death of close friend and signee 'Dolla', Te Money decided to embark on a new journey- transitioning from behind the scenes to being in the music industry spotlight. Te money's diligence and intensity behind the scenes in the music industry has birthed relationships with various music industry leaders. He has successfully facilitated the record deals of many favored artists, including but not limited to, The Game and Joe Moses. While working alongside some of the biggest world- renowned artists in the music industry, rapper Te Money is ready to cash in his moment.

Today, Te Money stands as the co-founder of The Gang Music Group, an entertainment company that is home to several hip-hop artists. Te Money's notoriety and business acumen in the industry is well respected by both record label executives and artists. His work ethic and passion for good music is reflected in the various deals he has negotiated, and in his own music. By way of illustration, he co-wrote alongside Akon, ten out of twelve songs, on Akon’s street album, Koncrete Jungle, which "Throw that D" and "We On" featuring Yo Gotti were released as radio singles. Within his passion to create good music, Te Money recognizes a true void in hip-hop and seeks to fill that void with his voice and lyrical content. Te Money wholeheartedly believes the masses will be able to relate to his music, he states "Not everyone can relate to the Posh-Hollywood lifestyle. My music addresses struggle and I plan to show my fans that they can overcome any struggle and adversity". Undeniably, Te Money understands the importance of speaking to those individuals with similar struggles and recognizes the influence of music on his community is a way for him to reach those like him. Te Money believes music is more than a platform to relay his message; it is a means to give back to his community.

Te Money has wasted no time in giving back to the community. He is the co-founder of The Reach Back Foundation alongside, Lisa Buford, partner and star on WeTV L.A. Hair. The Reach Back Foundation is a non-profit organization that assists at-risk-youth in various communities throughout Los Angeles. The foundation's mission is to inspire and provide resources for underprivileged youth so that they struggle less and dream more.

There's no stopping nor denying the combination of true musical talent, success, and an extraordinary desire to enhance the livelihood of future generations; Te Money is transforming into one of Hip Hop's most desired artists and most influential philanthropists.





Te Money

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Te Money ft. T-pain

Hard For The Money

Te Moneyft. Too Short

Real Bitch

Te-Money ft. Akon & Hoodsta Rob

SALUTE (Official Video)



The word " gang " has always been viewed as a negative word; a gang is defined as an organized group of criminals. This gang that you are being introduced to with the slogan and belief " We Govern Ourselves ", is not an organized group of criminals . It's actually an entertainment company that was thought about, and formed to bring at risk youth together. I was once an at risk youth in a gang. Being in a gang taught me unity, discipline, survival skills, and structure. Everything about a gang is not negative. It all relies on the individual and what they take from it. Now, its time to focus on the positive aspects that gangs have to offer. The visions of this gang is to help one another prosper and keep everything within the organization. Like a trade system, this gang is a group of individuals with different visions trying to reach the same common goal. Join the gang.

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